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Ridge Runner
Joined: 04 September 2014
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16 May 2018 11:20 am

Nightjar wrote:
Manpa wrote:

2 degrees for me, I like my beer cold as well, but I still don't think you can beat beer that's come out of an ice bath.

Another vote for this one.

Question: If beer and bottled water are put on ice, why do you get a brain freeze drinking the water and not the beer?

You got me thinking about the brain freeze thing, I cooled the fridge to 3* and it was very moreish then I took it down to 2* and it was a bit crisp at 2* so after the testing I set it to 00*c, Holy Dooley I only had a bit of a sip and 10 or 15 minutes later I am still suffering a case of brain freeze that won't go away, I have used 3 thermometers and the fridge in within 0.1*c so I know the temp is spot on, Won't be doing that again,

It's not like the brain freeze you get from eating Ice Cream that comes on fast and then goes, This one came on slowly and got worse, So in answer to your question I think the water conducts the cold more than Beer/Alcohol.


Dig em all,

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From: Woolgoolga , NSW
Joined: 12 March 2017
Posts: 347
16 May 2018 07:47 pm

2 degrees for me to. My mate doesnt really care. Iv seen him drink a long neck thats been in the sun all day after finishing a slab. I told him its hot. Hes answer was " Iv never burnt my lips on one yet".

Minelab xt1700. Garret super sluice pan.

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Joined: 14 February 2018
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17 May 2018 01:36 pm

After much thought and practical experiments I have discovered that beer tastes much better as cold as possible whilst still being liquid and in my opinion tastes so much better out of a bottle or glass.

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