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Joined: 27 July 2013
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18 April 2018 09:53 pm

Thought this article was interesting. … 08861.html

What state in Australia has had the most meteorites found? Are they found more inland or is there an even spread across Australia? I am not far off retirement, have a motorhome and keen to look around.


RM Outback
Joined: 10 March 2016
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19 April 2018 12:02 am

Heard it on the radio today thumbsup interesting find no doubt. So it caused me to think how can you put a value on a diamond of such rarity I'm sure their limited in supply.


Jack's Gems
Joined: 19 June 2016
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19 April 2018 01:27 pm

I remember that there aren't any confirmed actual craters in NSW, lots of suspected craters. I don't know how true this is but I found this map of suspected crater locations. There has been a lot meteorites found in NSW though.

When people go metal detecting in WA for gold, they find meteors here and there. Probably in other states as well. Good luck!


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