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andrew 108
Joined: 06 March 2018
Posts: 10
10 March 2018 01:33 pm

Hey there, i would love to go bush close to Melbourne but still try some panning.
Camping by a creek or river. Any ideas?


Joined: 20 July 2016
Posts: 2,058
12 March 2018 08:44 pm

Well mate when you find a spot that;
1 You are allowed to camp at,
2 You and most people find beautiful,
3 You can pan/sluice in,
4 Is close to Melbourne,
5 I good for swimming in also,
I suggest you keep your mouth shut and keep it to yourself, as I really don't think that combination exists.

BUT if you do find it bloody ripper!
The first hurdle is to go through the exempt (banned) rivers list. … nd-streams

Don't worry me with your problems, I have enough of my own.

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