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From: Riverland, SA
Joined: 11 May 2017
Posts: 38
30 May 2017 08:28 pm

24 Year ago while working his arse off on a fishing boat Reece's Long line snagged an ancient skull from the sea floor.
It was estimated at around 1 meter long and 40cm wide. Forward facing eyes, bird looking, long beak.
It was hooked in the eye and after it was onboard it was dropped and a piece broke off which Reece was given and the skipper took the rest of the complete skull which now lives in New Zealand.
Reece has been wearing the fossil as a necklace for the last 20 years and is wondering just what its actually worth..
Should he be wearing it or should it be kept in a safe?
If anyone has any idea what he is looking at then please let us know. Thanks guys n gals.

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Pat Hogen
Joined: 02 January 2018
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12 March 2018 11:35 am

Wear it! No good in a safe. Wear it into a archeologists meeting and see what uproar it causes.

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