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From: Sheidow Park, SA
Joined: 06 January 2018
Posts: 1,207
06 January 2018 02:17 pm

Hi all, we are a recently retired ( due to wife's Parkinson) mid 50s couple who have decided we are going to enjoy life whilst we still can and travel this wonderful country.
Just today I purchased a Minelab Xterra 705 Dual Pack, headphones and a Little Brother Pick from bluejeansronald, and for us it will be about some exercise in the bush and the thrill of the chase, plus the history behind any relics we may be fortunate enough to find.
It's a stinker in Adelaide today, but I'm sure we will do some practice in the backyard tomorrow and start to learn the intricacies and settings of our detector.
Hopefully we will see some of you out and about.
smile smile smile

One of these days Ma!

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dam it
Joined: 10 January 2016
Posts: 1,317
06 January 2018 03:29 pm

big_smile Welcome to the Group Manpa thumbsup

We have Lumps of it out the back ................


From: Nowra, NSW
Joined: 26 July 2016
Posts: 5,898
06 January 2018 06:06 pm

Hi welcome mate1515222401_19.jpg

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Joined: 24 October 2017
Posts: 799
11 January 2018 01:36 am

Hi Mate welcome to the forum. Hope you and the wife get to enjoy plenty of quality time together.


Joined: 17 October 2017
Posts: 33
13 January 2018 11:01 am

Welcome! The X-terra 705 was my first detector also, great little that found plenty of coins and even the odd ring. Enjoy smile

Minelab GPX 4500, Detech 15x10 & 8inch round, Steel phase sp01, Garrett a/t carrot.


From: Brisbane
Joined: 18 February 2014
Posts: 3,434
13 January 2018 12:00 pm

Hey Ma n Pa, I loved the Kettles a truly great show. Welcome and best wishes to you and the wife.
What ya doin Pa, well Ma , every job needs a supervisor and that's what I do best!

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From: S.E.Qld., QLD
Joined: 11 August 2013
Posts: 8,337
13 January 2018 12:50 pm

Welcome. I don't think practicing in the back yard will work as you will have too much interference from power sources and pipes etc. You need an open area like a park or the beach to check your settings and practise with. Good luck Manpa. thumbsup

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