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From: Yeppoon
Joined: 29 July 2015
Posts: 340
13 January 2018 10:11 am

Hi Folks,

For all you strange people that like the Xp Deus the New update is now live. 4.1

Pin Pointer issues resolved and some new ground balancing features that look targeted to the wetsand mob just nicely.
I'll test it in VIC at the end of february and through march and see how it goes on some good ole Aussie soil. 4.0 did pretty well so It will be an interesting test.

Remember, don't use the 3 way cable, use the single one or any high performance mini USB cable. Thicker the better usually.

Remove any old updates before grabbing the new one.

Write down custom programs as they will get wiped.

Approach with an open mind as with anything that changes some subtle technique changes may be required.

I'll explore the new features over the coming month and should be in a position to have intelligent answers to questions within the week.

Great excuse to go hunting a lot, because I have too. big_smile

DO NOT Freak out when the HFCoil doesn't update, that is SUPPOSED to happen the firmware in there is good to go.
DO NOT Feak Out when the top ground balance number goes missing, that is SUPPOSED to happen.

See the new ground balance options for more.

Happy Updating and welcome to 4.1

P.S All machines now leaving the store are 4.1 from here on in.
As usual I'll pair any equipment should you want that done, some prefer to do it themselves for the practice.

P.S.S The Current fee for a phone walk through updating your gear is 1 Schooner added to your Tab.
Call if you need help rather than bugger it up.

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