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From: Canberra, ACT
Joined: 10 September 2014
Posts: 279
10 January 2018 11:54 am

Does anybody know where to get spare parts for the Racer in OZ? I'm specifically after some of the rubber washers that go between the coil and lower shaft, a couple of spare coil bolts would also come in handy. I bought my Racer in January 2016 from a dealer who no longer seems to be involved in Makro gear, so not much point in asking them.

Just after Xmas I was detecting an old miners camp with my brother up in Qld when the coil basically fell off the lower shaft. I discovered the plastic bolt had snapped in half and one of the coil ears had also broken off. At the time I didn't notice that the rubber washers had also disappeared off the coil and only realised when I got home.

I was only swinging over short grass, so no idea what caused it to break. A bit of googling shows this was a problem with some of the early Racers, in fact my brothers Racer had exactly the same failure so he replaced it with a Mars MD coil.

I have messaged forum member Nokta Detectors about the broken coil so hopefully something can be done about that issue, but knowing where to get spares from would be handy.


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From: Nowra, NSW
Joined: 10 March 2017
Posts: 165
10 January 2018 12:50 pm

Nenad from is a member here (PhaseTech) and a Nokta dealer, contact him and I'm sure he will be able to help.

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From: Mount Gambier
Joined: 07 November 2013
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10 January 2018 01:54 pm

As above, yes the early coils did have an issue with ears breaking, though rectified later on with a strengthened coil design. Nenad is great to deal with, so I am sure he will sort you out. smile

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Ridge Runner
Joined: 04 September 2014
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10 January 2018 02:26 pm

Hopefully PT can fix you up, If not let me know and I will see what I can do from over here.



From: Canberra, ACT
Joined: 10 September 2014
Posts: 279
10 January 2018 05:00 pm

Thanks folks, I've emailed Nenad (I think) via the contact page on his website, so we'll see how we go.


Phase Technical
From: Adelaide, SA
Joined: 29 May 2014
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Phase Technical
10 January 2018 07:39 pm

I've replied to your email. Cheers

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Maldon Gold Centre
From: Maldon, VIC
Joined: 02 October 2017
Posts: 40
14 January 2018 09:54 pm

bundyjd wrote:

Does anybody know where to get spare parts for the Racer in OZ?

We carry a full range of spare parts and accessories for Nokta and Makro detectors at Maldon Gold Centre.

We also carry the full product range of both brands.

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