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Joined: 01 September 2015
Posts: 2,341
04 January 2018 03:30 pm

junkdog wrote:

Just look at the 5yr warranty, that's a good tick, and the current draw , that's another tick....

My primus 60lt had a 3 yr warrenty,and needed it!
Its out of warranty now though, and the 240v regulator died. No replacement part available for it.
So I bought a Waco converter, plug it into 240v and then plug the CIG lighter adaptor into that, that worked....for 2 weeks, now it dosnt.
The converter is fine it works.

Primus still works fine, but only on 12v.

I'd rather have a short warrenty and not need repairs at all, a LA Engel. Proven, only 1 moving part. Of course they are more expensive, louder and use a little more power.

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From: Townsville, QLD
Joined: 03 May 2016
Posts: 828
04 January 2018 03:50 pm

Love my engles



Forest Gump once said "life is like a detector going beep, you don't know what it is till you dig it up"

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From: Adelaide, SA
Joined: 16 December 2013
Posts: 1,314
04 January 2018 08:57 pm

My unofficial Warranty has so far lasted 25 years smile smile

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From: Perth
Joined: 22 March 2014
Posts: 368
04 January 2018 09:06 pm

My 1975 engel...
Runs 24/7 only time it is turned off is when it gets moved from the house to the back of the truck...
And back to the house.....
I bought it 20 odd years ago for $700 the only thing I have done is change the seal for the lid.....

Cheers Nanjim

APLA Member. A bad days prospecting beats a good days work anytime....

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