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Mr Magoo
Joined: 04 May 2014
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18 December 2017 11:26 am

Now available on SASPlanet. You will need to convert to AT5 files with IMC to work on your Lowrance/Simrad.

Instructions on this vid. Hard work listening to it.

As a side note I have created to large charts with SASPlanet and IMC but for some reason I can't do another. Not sure why - Have I forgot/missed something. Don't know but it does work.


From: Nowra, NSW
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01 January 2018 04:38 pm


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Mr Magoo
Joined: 04 May 2014
Posts: 577
17 January 2018 05:26 pm

Another thing you can do is convert satellite images to charts. Especially handy for reef fishing. The image below is part of a whole conversion to AT5 files. This is great as it allows us to put the boat (5.4M Barcrusher) above each individual bommie on top of the reef and either fish it or dive down for crays or spear fish for coral trout.
You can clearly see the drop off's, of the reef and the bommies on top (the white dots).
Also is a great aid for navigating across the top of the reefs for a short cut which can cut many miles off trips especially if there is a lot of reef in the area.


Below is an image of chart that is comely used to navigate through the reefs. I have put a marker in a spot where the chart shows safe(ish) water. The number of wrecks in this small area shows how dangerous these water can be.


Here is the equivalent sat image with the Nav chart removed. That marker is on a reef.


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