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Joined: 10 October 2017
Posts: 28
05 December 2017 10:39 pm

Hi jackthehound,
it's a small world. ha ha ha. Yes it's him alright, also known as the mad russian. He's spent a fortune jumping through hoops trying to satisfy the authorities.
I guess he's trying to pull the pin and get out of the game. Not a young bloke anymore. He's just returned from WA without success in trying to sell that mine.He's going to show me how to find gold in the Creswick state forest here in Victoria. I found a spot on a small reef that always produced tiny subgrammers.
For some reason it dried up. He's going to help me find the trail again. lol

Jackthehound wrote:

G'day Graybeard, are you talking about "Russian George" as he is known up that way ?

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