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Joined: 28 November 2017
Posts: 10
29 November 2017 11:18 pm

How do we feel about this detector?

Considering returning my hunk of junk go find 60 for one.


Joined: 04 December 2017
Posts: 6
05 December 2017 01:08 pm

I recently purchased one - have done around 15hrs with it on varied terrain including beach.

I personally can't compare it to other machines but I did research the living christ out of the sub $500 market and this swinger kept popping up.

On wet sand (after excessive rain) I have found ten million targets at my local beach in Sandringham - I consistently hit old pull-tab tongues (tiny) as low as 25cm which drives me nuts yet demonstrates that the unit is both accurate and effective.

For what I paid, it's a cracker.


From: Adelaide
Joined: 13 December 2017
Posts: 414
13 December 2017 03:08 pm

The 400i while a little more expensive ($150) has the iron audio feature which does come in handy.

Depends if you're a dig everything type of guy, I think the depth of both 300i and 400i are very similar from what I can tell.

Absolute solid machines are the ace series though

Garrett Ace 400i / Garrett pro-pointer AT
Coin hunter, military history enthusiast and proud South Australian

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