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Joined: 14 November 2017
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14 November 2017 10:37 am

Hello everyone just bought a at max and this is my first detector any pointers would be appreciated . Thankyou .


From: Blue Mountains, NSW
Joined: 27 August 2017
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14 November 2017 11:39 am

You're in the same boat I was a few weeks ago!
1. Get out and use it.
2. Dig everything until you get used to what signals relate to what targets.
3. Towards the end of a day, when you start "cherrypicking" for good signals because you are sick of digging trash, pack up and go home. Go back another day fresh.
4. Detecting in the rain is MUDDY!
5. Even when you are getting used to the signals, still dig everything! (This is where I'm at now, I'm sure I'm passing over good targets sometimes smile )
6. I don't know what point this is yet, haven't reached it.

Good luck. big_smile


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Joined: 19 December 2013
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14 November 2017 11:58 am

Read your manual
watch the video instructions
get some targets out the drawers and shed at home and bench test your machine (look up bench test video)
Find some things in your backyard in the ground.
find a quiet bit of ground in your backyard and bury some targets there (bury a few good ones with a nail next to one and a pull tab next to another as well) this will help you work out what things you can't see will number up as on your machine (make sure they are all at least a foot away from each other, except for your doubled up close ones with the nail and the pull tab, you only want them an inch away from each other).
Now, next look up utube videos of how to use your particular machine.
next look up utube videos of people treasure hunting with your particular machine.
now look up utube videos of how to dig a clean plug and apply this information in particular to your way of thinking (it is the most important point of all)
after this has all sunk in do your back yard again thoroughly using all your newly gained skills (no shortcuts mind you) dig every target you find as this will skill your brain in treasure hunting in a way that helps you understand what the target in the ground is before you dig it up (by the time you are getting to the end of your backyard you should be guessing what the target is before you dig it up to see if you are right)
Next do your front yard making sure your plugs are hardly visible once filled again.
next, always seek out the advice of your peers
and make sure you have a well honed sense of humor (helps you through a bad target day) lol
oh, and after that you can start to do some research before you head out into the wild blue yonder. thumbsup

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What a great day ! ,... " I'll see you in the field ".

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Joined: 05 January 2015
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14 November 2017 01:26 pm

If someone wants pointers on how to use an AT-MAX it would be essential to know what model they have as in AT-MAX or AT-MAX International ...... there is a difference.

I use the AT-MAX and can say so far my found gold rings have been in the "Mid Tone" same as our 5¢-10¢-20¢ and 50¢ coins, silver rings is in the "High Tone" same as our $ coins.

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Joined: 07 September 2014
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29 November 2017 07:09 pm

I have an international and at first I did not like the low tone break. However, I have come to appreciate how to listen for a target again rather than looking at numbers. I must have got lazy. You can hear cans. You can hear pull tabs. Although they give a high tone there is a flutter in the signal. With good targets the vdi will be quite solid and the tone will be loud but mellow. 1c coins will give a great sound but the numbers will drift from 80,s to 74. Unfortunately 2c coins will still have you buggered at a solid 85,, I really like the iron audio button too. Gives you a good idea if to dig or not.with my Nokta, I got very fixated on silver and I'm enjoying the wider variety of good targets with the Max international. I'm also very impressed with the build quality too. I think it's a cracker!

Current detectors (like them all) : Explorer SE Pro, Sea Hunter #2, Compadre, Tracker iv, Whites TRX pointer, Garret Pro Pointer. Nokta forscore, AT Max

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Toys and things
Joined: 02 May 2013
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Toys and things
13 February 2018 05:48 pm

Great to hear your enjoying the At Max.

Post some pics...pretty please..:)

Swing a detector, Radio control racing or flying..

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