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Joined: 27 August 2017
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11 October 2017 05:22 pm

has any body compared the depth reached for size of target between coiltek elite ,14" versus coiltek elite 17" x 11" in the same ground .Both coils seem to have the same surface area


Joined: 03 May 2017
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11 October 2017 07:26 pm

i was told by a guide that you add the 17 and the 11 which gives you 28 then you halve it so its 14 the same as the 14"

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Joined: 08 October 2017
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12 October 2017 02:16 am

I'm about to buy one of these 2 coils. Having trouble deciding. With the elliptical is the strong signal always still in the centre? I've see vids where it seems to pick it up better at the toe or the heel sometimes, is this normal?
Does the elliptical respond better to very small gold because you swing across 11" width vs 14"?

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mxt sniper
Joined: 20 June 2013
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12 October 2017 04:20 am

I have the 14x9 elliptical NF evo and the 14" round Elite mono, I mainly swing the evo due to weight, another bonus for the elliptical is much easier pinpointing, signals are brighter with the elliptical as well. I would have to say the 14" round is depth king though. I can get a 1.3 gram nugget at 13". I do break out the 14" round elite to clean up an area though. Due to its weight I do not swing it all day long.

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Phase Technical
From: Adelaide, SA
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Phase Technical
13 October 2017 12:52 pm

I have compared both. The 17x11" is a little sharper on shallow targets, particularly if you get over the sweet spot of the coil (this can vary as with all ellipticals).
The 14" round I found to run a little smoother, and may have a bees whisker more depth once target size exceeds approx. 1.5g (this would highly depend on the shape of the nugget). The 17x11 does have a slight edge on species, and iron coated nuggies.

I have a couple of used Elites up for grabs at the moment if anyone is interested.

14" - $280
17x11" very good condition with original box, coil bag and extra skid plate - $320

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