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From: Lithgow, NSW
Joined: 08 April 2015
Posts: 106
09 October 2017 09:13 pm

Just out of curiosity, anyone have a small bit of punch plate left over from any DIY jobs? I need a bit around 300mm x 300mm, 3 or 4mm holes? They want about $46 on eBay for a bit that size with postage and I would rather put some money in one of your pockets. Just need for the splash zone on a HBker yikes


Also after about 3m x 38/40mm smooth bored flex hose, just the light stuff.


Bloody postage is the killer on eBay, and every place I have looked online wants to sell me a 25-50m roll of the stuff.



"About 10 minutes into it everything changed, buckets were flying ... people were bleeding. Girls were unconscious."

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