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Fishing for gold
Joined: 03 September 2016
Posts: 87
11 August 2017 10:11 pm

Hi all today when I came home from work I had a surprise waiting for me I bought a sdc2300 and was going to get it this weekend but my parents went to coiltech and got it for me I'm filled with excitement to give it a go tomorrow and hope I find some gold i thought id see if anyone had any tips for me as a newbie to owning a Minelab and I could do with any tips I can get thanks ffg
Batteries are fully charged and ready for a big day swinging


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Joined: 27 August 2016
Posts: 325
11 August 2017 10:33 pm

Very nice mate.

Dig everything. Overlap the coil. Just leave it on sensitivity 2 to start with. Read the manual, read it again. If it's noisy, noise cancel.

Wish you lots of success thumbsup

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From: Hoppers Crossing, VIC
Joined: 17 June 2016
Posts: 199
11 August 2017 11:07 pm

Swing it low and slow.

Gram gram, I need a solid gram. Makro Gold Racer, SDC 2300, GPX 5000, Garrett AT Pro.

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From: Yorke Peninsla S.A., SA
Joined: 27 April 2016
Posts: 1,200
11 August 2017 11:24 pm

Have to agree with all the advice given. Just listen hard and push that coil on the ground...not too hard just scrape the dirt. You will have a spare cover for it. After using take coil cover off and clean. Put tape on batteries to take up any slack not too much or they will jam. Use the headphones ! dig every target. You will get sick of digging rubbish but you never know what you'll find.

Cheers and good luck

Last edited by Wishfull (11 August 2017 11:25 pm)

Me..GOLD, GOLD...Boss Mmmm do you think we have the right man for the job ?
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From: Melbourne, VIC
Joined: 20 July 2016
Posts: 1,134
11 August 2017 11:27 pm

Bloody ripper!
Well done young fella!
I'm glad you got a new one, saving a few hundred on a second hand one doesn't make sense to me.
Best of luck with the swinging mate thumbsup thumbsup

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From: Bendigo, VIC
Joined: 05 June 2016
Posts: 29
11 August 2017 11:27 pm

As far as i have heard once you know how to use this machine .you just bought the small gold vaccum cleaner of the forrest


From: Hunter valley, NSW
Joined: 27 January 2013
Posts: 443
11 August 2017 11:31 pm

Lucky you, Good luck with it mate. I don't have one so no sdc specific advice from me except the usual, "Low and slow." Hope you find heaps with it and look forward to the pics of your finds.

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Joined: 15 February 2017
Posts: 13
12 August 2017 07:51 am

Like someone said make sure u r wearing that skid plate out if u r finding buck shot u r in the league dont get dis hearted money well spent re. owner of 2300,5000,7000


Fishing for gold
Joined: 03 September 2016
Posts: 87
14 August 2017 07:56 pm

Thanks guys took to out for a swing found a few odd iron pieces and a few led shots and a lead bullet head
Can't wait to get out there this weekend to have a swing hope I can find a bit of gold .

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From: Adelaide
Joined: 17 November 2016
Posts: 70
14 August 2017 08:14 pm

Congrats on the new machine. Hope you find heaps of yellow stuff.

The SDC is an awesome piece of technology and so easy to use. Me being a newbie I found it great. It has found me 98 small pieces of SA gold. I have worn out the original skid plate, and on the weekend the 'heavy duty' one gave way too.

Like others have said, go low and slow, overlap coil sweeps, dig everything, do noise cancelations until humming, ground balance often, wear headphone, and did i say go low and slow.

Most of all have fun.

Sdc 2300

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Joined: 27 July 2017
Posts: 14
14 August 2017 08:18 pm

I have done a bit of reading on the SDC2300 and they sound great, especially for the beginner (ie myself). I just need to justify it to the other half, lol.


From: Nowra, NSW
Joined: 26 July 2016
Posts: 2,408
14 August 2017 08:26 pm

well done FFG so good to see you out and about
that yellow will come soon enough just keep plugging away at it
stay safe and enjoy

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Phase Technical
From: Adelaide, SA
Joined: 29 May 2014
Posts: 1,404
Phase Technical
14 August 2017 09:31 pm

A few tips I wrote up about the SDC.

Metal detectors, Coils, Pin-pointers, Training - Phase Technical Website

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Joined: 09 July 2015
Posts: 383
15 August 2017 11:23 am

Great machine Fishing for gold..don't be scared to scrape that coil on the certainly makes a big difference..low and slow ?..Not all the time..Fast and low covers a lot more ground when you are out looking, looking for a patch..The more ground you can cover can increase your gold ..It is very easy to waste precious time on non productive ground, the day goes so quick..When you find a bit or in an area with detector holes that is the time to go low and slow..The 2300 doesn't punch that deep so I always run on max depth 5..The speaker vol is not that loud on a 2300, but on 5 the speaker vol is louder, so I don't use headphones..Headphones aren't much good with hats ,hot to wear in summer, and restrict your movement..If you get a couple of magnets on your pick to pick up any steel bits just a couple of scrapes saves a lot of tome digging rubbish..lead unfortunately is not magnetic..Try to get a scoop which is a bit squarish ..backhoe buckets are square for a reason..these round scoops only scrape the ground in a very small spot..all these things help you get the gold quickly and on to the next one..Good luck with your hunting..

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Fishing for gold
Joined: 03 September 2016
Posts: 87
16 August 2017 07:55 pm

Thanks for all your help I'll have to go out this weekend and have a crack


Joined: 20 February 2016
Posts: 74
18 August 2017 12:15 am

Generally gold will be a softer signal than a pellet. If you have sensitivity high it can be too noisy and you will miss soft gold signals. My advice is use a small test nugget. About 0.10 grams. Play with your sensitivity and threshold and set the machine up to hear the test nugget clearly in the area you want to detect. Remember the EMI and mineralisation can vary in areas. So set your machine up to suit the conditions on the day. Noise cancel often as well.


Joined: 09 July 2015
Posts: 383
18 August 2017 10:45 am

Sorry Ned but I don't agree with much you said..I have found gold and lead sound identical most of the time..Your machine will have more background noise when running on 5, that is because it's hitting the ground harder, going deeper ,and when you go over a target you won't miss "soft gold signals," it will jump out at you..background scatter won't mask any target signal..Mineralisation..The 2300 is constantly adjusting for this and I Never ground balance..regardless of where I am..

Swinging a 4500 , 2300 .Digging a Keen 140 Dry blower, Smashing dolly pot, Laying back in a Chair..

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