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Little gem hunter
Joined: 20 July 2016
Posts: 115
19 June 2017 09:34 pm

Hi all
Went out yesterday with my go-find 20 ,for a couple of hours. I dug up a few good items up.
I spent a lot of time filling in other peoples hole. Can everyone please remember if you dig a hole fill it in.
Hope you like my find l think that the round thing is a steam gauge, you can just make out some numbers on it .No gold but l find a aluminium nugget lol.
All the best to all.

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From: Nowra, NSW
Joined: 26 July 2016
Posts: 4,796
19 June 2017 09:51 pm

good find well done little one thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

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From: Maitland, NSW
Joined: 19 February 2013
Posts: 13,869
19 June 2017 09:52 pm

that is a pretty cool find LGH. Keep at it... the treasures will come.

Touch the Frog.
Garrett At Pro, XP Deus, CTX 3030, pin pointer. Oldest find 1807 halfpenny, oldest silver 1854 threepence.


From: Sydney, NSW
Joined: 29 April 2013
Posts: 11,650
20 June 2017 04:36 pm

Good on you for filling in the holes left by others LGH, good detecting karma that, hopefully you will be rewarded with some nice treasures for doing so. thumbsup

Minelab GPX 5000, SDC2300, CTX3030, Equinox 800, patience, lot's of patience.

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Joined: 19 December 2013
Posts: 13,376
20 June 2017 05:45 pm

Good find LGH, there may be a coin or two in that spot if the previous detector operator didn't snag them ,.... cause no one gets em all, there is always something left behind to find still. Good luck on the hunt !
thumbsup angel thumbsup

What a great day ! ,... " I'll see you in the field ".


Dave law
From: East Maitland
Joined: 09 February 2015
Posts: 851
20 June 2017 06:05 pm

Well done LGH. All the best. Do the right thing & the right thing will come your way. (Carma). It's on your side. Cheers

I enjoy haveing my electromagnetic feild disturbed. NAPFA member. XP Deus. 9" low&9"hf coil MI6 pinpointer. Garrett AT Pro 15" Mars Goliath & detectnix wire free. Garrett Ground hog. Garrett pro-pointer AT. Diamond Digger. Oldest coin. 1797 Cart wheel penny X2. FOM winner 5/17.

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