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Joined: 18 June 2014
Posts: 276
18 June 2017 02:21 pm

Gday all
I have been having ongoing problems with my built in amp on the GPX5000
It seems to go ok for a while and then cuts in and out, sometimes when I am moving other times not
Took it down to Coiltek Maryborough and they seem to think it is the built in amp
Is there anyone who can check and if necessary repair this problem
I would appreciate other peoples thoughts, opinions and options


From: Adelaide, SA
Joined: 16 December 2013
Posts: 1,342
19 June 2017 02:33 am

The amp is in the battery, I also took mine into Coiltek and they could have fixed it by replacing the circuit board in the battery. However, I live close to the Minelab factory here in Adelaide, so I chose to take it to them. They fixed it for free. The detector was 2.5 yrs old but as I pointed out to Minelab, the battery was ok, it was electronics that failed.

I still had 5 days on my trip to the GT and the guys at Coiltek were good enough to loan me one of theirs for the remainder of my trip.

As the fault is intermittent, the simple fix is to check all the wires to the audio socket inside for a dry joint. The harder fix is if it is in the PCB.
Also to eliminate the detector, coil and cables by swapping out each component.

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Joined: 18 June 2014
Posts: 276
19 June 2017 09:15 am

Thanks for your advice condor22, I will take it into Minersden today for them to have a look as I will be out that way
I don't have a spare cable unfortunately(even though I know I should)
Hopefully they can confirm the problem and I can get it rectified
I like you have no issue with the battery
thanks again


From: Ocean Grove, VIC
Joined: 25 January 2015
Posts: 635
24 September 2017 10:36 pm

Hey all, I know this is an old thread (I havent posted on here for a while) but I have repaired a few of the amp modules in the battery pack. If you are close to Geelong, just pm me and I can let you know where we are.


GPX4500, Equinox 800, Eureka Gold, Minelab Pro-Find 25, steelPHASE Audio Enhancer, numerous experimental detectors/circuits and coils. (Another GPZ7000 in the future)

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