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From: Minlaton, SA
Joined: 26 June 2013
Posts: 70
02 January 2016 01:21 pm

Great engineering work there , nightjar smile

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Joined: 08 June 2013
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02 January 2016 05:30 pm

It really does depend on the size of the gold.
The blue bowl is good on -50 mesh, where the gold wheel is good on the +50 mesh.
I'm not saying that the gold wheel won't pick up the -50 mesh gold, but it does miss a bit of the fine gold.
I have used both.
And you MUST screen your concentrates to size specific for the bluebowl.
You will get a much better results if you screen it down for the gold wheel as well.
I now use the desert fox gold wheel.
A lot cheeper too.
And on the -50 and 100 mesh i run it on the miller table.
Bluebowl is just to slow.
Hope this helps you out a little.
Cheers Kane

One can never be wrong at doing the right thing.

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Gem in I
Joined: 11 June 2016
Posts: 251
18 June 2017 08:56 pm

Just wondering if you have made a v2 nightjar? … f_for_sale

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Joined: 20 June 2017
Posts: 11
20 June 2017 08:20 pm

some great ideas there

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