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Joined: 24 May 2013
Posts: 241
11 January 2017 09:37 am

Gday all, long time no post a video, but as I consider myself a small scale miner I thought I should post it in here!?

My father and I started with some small equipment on a small lease as a a hobby and healthy life choice! A few years ago.
(Big Thanks to this forum and some members!) For the help and advice!
We have been through the ups and downs of getting into small scale mining and we are still here and going strong!

Anyway here is a vid of our small stock pile of paydirt for this season, will post washing vids as soon as I start!

If there are any Questions feel free to ask, Ill do my best to help! If I'm not sure I should post all the info on here I will PM you!

Its not that bad getting into mining and the more of us out there doing it, the better for all of us and the bigger the voice we have!

Please like, Sub and support my youtube channel for loads more!

I'm not an expert, I have only 4yrs prospecting exp, I wish to share and grow the love for prospecting and small scale gold mining!
It can be done at a profit, there is tons of gold still out there!
Lets make Mining great again! lol

3 pans, 2 sluice, 3 HIbanker, 1 Garrett AT Gold and no more time for dreaming!

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Joined: 08 June 2013
Posts: 1,036
11 January 2017 10:10 am

I injoy watching your videos.
Keep them coming bud

One can never be wrong at doing the right thing.

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Joined: 18 June 2014
Posts: 199
11 January 2017 10:25 am

Looks really good, keep up the good work and good luck!!

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The Green Wanderer
Joined: 18 June 2013
Posts: 530
11 January 2017 12:47 pm

Good on ya mate, hope your getting some of this wet stuff now!
If not come down and borrow some, the barrons running nearly to the top of its banks. Mind you half of its red mud lol

Best of luck hunting for new ground,

Wandering the north wherever the trail leads.

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Joined: 11 November 2016
Posts: 94
11 January 2017 02:55 pm

Bring on the Rain!!! Looking forward to seeing the next vids. Enjoy. big_smile

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From: Proserpine, QLD
Joined: 16 March 2014
Posts: 377
11 January 2017 09:28 pm

And the rain is coming down! We had 400 mm

Teach a man to fish and he may eat, teach a woman to fish and we eat exceptionally well

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Joined: 24 May 2013
Posts: 241
12 January 2017 07:09 am

Yep its down here at the mo, heading up for a look! But can't run mud through the plant so need a few dry days now! ops
If its not one thing its another! The joys of having a go!

3 pans, 2 sluice, 3 HIbanker, 1 Garrett AT Gold and no more time for dreaming!

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Joined: 19 June 2014
Posts: 14
14 January 2017 04:23 pm

if you need workers i have skid steer, excavator, front end loader, back hoe and tipper tickets and whit card. im more than happy to come and work for you.

Jokes about German sausage are the Wurst!!!!

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Joined: 24 May 2013
Posts: 241
19 January 2017 09:50 am


Miner or Clager?

As my mob (Wife, son's and I.) where on a small OZ tour from one hot dusty spot to another hot and miserable spot in the middle of nowhere.
We followed another mob of the dreaded, Grey Nomad's/Old Road Clagers with all the blah hanging off the back doing the top speed of,
f..all brains and consideration for other road users along with ageing every one behind them a few extra years!
We had a scene just like this photo! I just pulled over and let em play Duel for a bit. yikes

So here is the choice I made! (Remember, the middle of nowhere ya mind wanders!)
A. (Left)
Do I want to continue down this slow hot and dusty road to another dusty hot one, going to nowhere really!
B. (Right)
Or would I get a Small Digger and a small Gold mine and have a go! Just like the Dream!

Price is around the same for both (2nd hand) if not cheaper for the one who goes Mining!
And I just may get my old hard earned money back! As well as keeping Australia moving at the right speed.
So come on, get off my roads, Sell that slow road rubbish and go buy a Gold mine! smile

Do something for Australia and yourself before its to late! Before the Boofheads in power put a stop to mining altogether!
Get a Gold Mine and lets make small scale Mining Great again! (lol) Don't let you Dreams be Dreams!
Its the perfect thing for some of us old farts to be doing! tongue

3 pans, 2 sluice, 3 HIbanker, 1 Garrett AT Gold and no more time for dreaming!

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Joined: 21 April 2015
Posts: 50
14 April 2017 06:59 pm

can you give a breakdown of the time and cost involved to get an operation like this going

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