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From: Newcastle, NSW
Joined: 04 June 2014
Posts: 2,745
20 September 2015 10:56 am

Im pretty sure this link is to the same place
Access is via Bowen ave . Its in an industrial area


From: , NSW
Joined: 16 December 2013
Posts: 629
20 September 2015 12:10 pm

Sandta wrote:

Very nice Mr Magoo tongue
If you live in that area , and dont know of ,or havent been to , there is a shop in Manns rd that has the most amazing fossils , gem stones and geods etc ,just like the stuff you would find in a museum. I spent over an hour in there ,in total awe of the treasures on show.

Sounds good, Will check it out soon. Another day to hurt my wallet...

Always best to buy fossils in person, so many fakes online nowadays... Especially fossils from from locations like Morocco.

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Mr Magoo
Joined: 04 May 2014
Posts: 126
20 September 2015 12:22 pm

Sandta wrote:

Im pretty sure this link is to the same place
Access is via Bowen ave . Its in an industrial area

Nice link. cool Lots of interesting stuff. Thanks smile


Joined: 04 June 2016
Posts: 143
21 June 2016 06:50 pm

Thought I would share this fossil I picked up on a motorbike trip.
It come from a couple of hundred kms inland of the great Australian bight, nowhere near water but has a few nice shells to see.
Location was along the Trans Australian Railway line near Forrest, WA. There were lots of other fossils in the rocks but being on a motorbike space was for essentials only lol
If anyone can identify anything I wold be interested, to me its just a couple of sea shells cool


GPX 4500, NF evo

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dam it
Joined: 10 January 2016
Posts: 795
21 June 2016 06:55 pm

I have no idea neutral
But it sure looks cool big_smile

Thats going straight to the Pool Room .....

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Joined: 04 June 2016
Posts: 143
21 June 2016 07:02 pm

Here is another one I also picked up while traveling on a motorbike trip. Once again limited space meant only the one tongue
Not sure whats in this fossil, several oval shape creatures.
I found this in outback south Australia around lake Torrens big_smile

and the other side


GPX 4500, NF evo

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Joined: 28 June 2016
Posts: 2
28 June 2016 10:33 pm

Very nice Mr Magoo!
I just spent a weekend with my cousins in the gold coast and they moved into a new house where 3 of their bathroom showers and table tops are this exact fossil sheet. AMAZING! the things you can get with money these days! smile


Joined: 01 September 2015
Posts: 1,615
16 November 2016 04:41 pm

headbut wrote:

Hi Nugget , got a couple of interesting fossils that are not embedded in rock , but solitary . I beleive them to be

1 Ammonite
2 Acaste

Not sure what the 3rd one is. looks like a crab of sorts … monite.jpg … acaste.jpg … _crab1.jpg … _crab2.jpg

hey mate, how big is the crab? I found one almost identical at Jervis Bay about 30 years ago, about the size of a nice mudcrab. I left it there, as I was backpacking out of a fishing spot, and at the time, the last thing i wanted in my pack was another 3 kg rock!

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