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Toys and things
Joined: 02 May 2013
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Toys and things
14 April 2015 05:34 pm

Well just got a reply from the minister for the environment for NSW.
Same old same old.....

No luck yet about NP or SCA fossicking access.
Been trying for 2 years.
Despite only 8 years ago the areas we want access to
were state forests where we could fossick in.

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From: Mount Isa, QLD
Joined: 15 October 2013
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31 January 2016 06:01 pm

What the point on having links to rules if there 4 years old admins update links Please Or just delete old and dead posts.

Fossicking & Prospecting Regulations - All Australian States (Page 1) / Prospecting Rules & Regulations / Prospecting Australia | Gold Prospecting & Fossicking ... … php?id=125

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Joined: 03 September 2016
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14 November 2016 03:54 pm

Hi everyone,

Can someone please point me to the correct link to provide me with info in the largest highbanker and trommel I can use on my miners right in Vic?



From: Central West NSW
Joined: 27 January 2015
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14 November 2016 04:38 pm

No such link exists. The only restrictions in Victoria on using mechanical or motorised equipment for processing are that the material to be processed must be excavated using hand held equipment (no power operated equipment ) & loaded into the processing equipment by hand/hand tools & "significant land disturbance using these methods will not be permitted."
So in theory you can use as big a highbanker or trommel as you can practically hand dig material & hand feed without causing significant land disturbance in the area. That would be very widely open to interpretation by the rangers or other authority in any given area so keeping it to a sensible "hobby" size is probably the best idea?

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Joined: 03 September 2016
Posts: 16
14 November 2016 05:14 pm

Ok that's why I was having trouble finding it lol, thanks for that mbasko


Joined: 05 September 2015
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14 November 2016 05:49 pm

I personally have always been under the understanding that here in Victoria it is pretty much the way it has just been described to you though as stated its up to the rangers interpretation and the word or words (portable) or (non mechanical) are also hard words to interpret, pretty much in a nut shell if the equipment cant be picked up and carried away by hand or on your back all in one go then its not really portable and you will come across rangers that will not except anything less of the word (portable) its not like you could rig a trommel and sluice /(highbanker) onto a trailer with a huge water pump and just pull up and start digging away and expect rangers not to get their knickers in a knot and on top of that I think there is a limit to the amount of material allowed to be processed each day also remembering that one must put the area back to the way you found it before one leaves including right down to the leaf litter anyway that's just my 2 cents worth and I hope it gives you a better understanding of what is expected from us as hobbyist. regards greencheeks77

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