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Joined: 16 September 2016
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16 September 2016 09:14 pm

Hi everyone. If you need to confirm exactly where you can access without the owners permission, check out website. Click on map contents menu bar on top right of screen and select 'boundaries'. Then navigatite where you want to go using the map provided. It will indicate exactly where all lot boundaries are. Good luck and good hunting.


From: Central West NSW
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17 September 2016 03:41 pm

Bit lost here - how does Six identify where exactly you can go without permission?
Yes it shows lot boundaries but it doesn't tell you the status or other details of land outside of those boundaries. Six is a good starting point for research into possible land to detect but you would need to dig a bit further to ascertain whether land outside of lot boundaries was available or not. wink

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From: Gold Coast , QLD
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12 October 2016 05:59 pm

Silversurfer, the Boundaries you mentioned are only a guide... not very accurate at all.... if you require exact boundaries you have to apply to them for correct GPS co ords....


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