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Joined: 09 September 2016
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12 September 2016 10:58 am

I have recently discovered an importer who can supply Quality Tin Oxide.
My issue currently is using products from lapidary suppliers in NSW has proven very expensive and very average results. I suspect due mainly to contamination of the Tin Oxide powder by Talc.... sad
Talc is inexpensive and used as an extender. $150 dollars per ton. V's around $40 dollars per kilogram (wholesale) for Tin Oxide and I suspect certain suppliers are charging $75 per kilogram retail for the filled product !!!!!!.

So I found an importer who can supply us a high quality english made product called Supalite polish- powder -Tin Oxide (15 micron max partical size) 15000 grit.

I am looking for others who may wish to purchase this product at around $40 per kilogram - +GST and shipping from coffs harbour/melbourne.

I propose a private purchasing group to split the purchase costs -which is strictly not for profit only purpose to purchase in bulk once per month direct from importer in 25kg bags only. And then seperate and post on.We can post so members in the PA forum can have overwatch purchase/mailing/success.

Benifits would be 1. Obtaining an uncontaminated product. 2. Much Better Results 3. Almost halving the cost of final polish process.
4. Less product breakdown and waste giving even more value.

I have three tumblers going so I use a lot of final polish and double even more because it has been tainted with fillers....It is too expensive to source from retail lapidary supply shops as they are doubling the cost and "possibly" using fillers. or sms message to 0413295005. Or just post as I will now follow this topic.
Cheers and happy hunting

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