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Mr Magoo
Joined: 04 May 2014
Posts: 325
02 September 2016 09:31 pm

Just thought I’d update on the sintered lap I decided to buy. I ended up getting the one from Anthony – Rough2Cut. Originally I asked for a 6 inch #600 grit lap but he recommended an #800. Although skeptical I took his advice and I’m glad I did.

A few weeks later it arrived looking like a lap does – round, flat with a hole in the middle. I thought I’d try it out a large hunk of created Sapphire. Roughed it out on whatever lap it is – I had thought it was a #600 but now doubt it.
I then chucked on the sintered, spun it up to over 2000 RPM. The vibration was absolutely minimal. Apart from my solid copper it is probably the best balanced lap I have and that includes the ‘latest and greatest’ merican gear.

Anyway stone to lap. Hooooolllly cow!!!! That lap eats corundum for breakfast. And as smooth as. In fact, it left in a bit of a conundrum with my corundum big_smile . Do I go to a #1200 before the #3000 prepolish or go straight to #3000? I settled to go straight to #3000. Absolutely no problem to do the prepolish. Next time I’m going to try from the sintered to an #8000 prepolish.

Anyway here’s the evidence. I just thought I’d give R2C a bit of a wrap for anyone else who is considering buying a sintered lap. Don’t know the bloke and never met him and doubt I will but he makes an awesome sintered lap. And for a very cheap price too. The only other one I know that is similarly priced has had mixed reports.

Apparently the back of this lap can be charged with a your choice of prepolish diamond mix as well. I haven't tried it yet, so can't say much about it.

In short. One awesome lap worth every cent. I hope this helps, either way, anybody considering buying a sintered diamond lap.


He also machined a few laps for me. Excellent job at a very reasonable price. The Diamatrix came up perfect.


Here's the rough after being preformed with what I thought was a #600 topper. Not so sure now.


This is how well the Rough2Cuts sintered lap cut. . As you can see the finish is awesome.


The perfect frosted finish, along side mainly prepolish #8000 grit - This pavilion is still in the making.

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Joined: 16 May 2013
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02 September 2016 09:40 pm

Ha ! Don't post that on the American forums ! They don't tolerate anything that isn't , say , American ? Epic laps I can't live without , but over there you are just ignored . I'm waiting for my 800 too , have two 1200 that work fine , very fine , copper and bronze based . But tony says I need a 800 , so I get one .

Got stuff to dig stuff up .. Got stuff to detect metal stuff .. Got stuff to facet stuff ...

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