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Stinky Pete
Detech Australia
Joined: 24 April 2013
Posts: 32
Detech Australia
29 August 2013 10:44 pm

Hi guys I've been testing the new Detech EDS Plus2.
In the Victorian Goldfields, so far so good.  The machine has 2 running modes, Auto, and Manual ground balance.

Running Auto, the machine covers most mineralized ground without too much of a problem.  You loose a little sensitivity in this mode, still capable of seeing a.2 nugget at about 25-30 mm.

Also tested in this mode over a 13 oz target in the ground and easily picks it up at 350mm with the standard 9x9 SEF coil.

Running in manual mode the machine requires you to ground balance. This mode is the most sensitive for nugget hunting.

Manual ground balance is an all metal mode, so the machine will react to highly mineralized patches, but can be easily rebalanced so you can carry on hunting.

Managed to pick up a speci the other day hunting in old river wash.  When broken down the Gold weighed in at .079 gram.

The machine runs extremely quiet over this type of ground, and if it gets to noisy switch to Auto and it will only react to targets.

The machine still has discrimination for coin hunting, so it's a versatile machine that handles the mineralization.

Machines will be listed soon on the web site.

Regards Stinky

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