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Stinky Pete
Detech Australia
Joined: 24 April 2013
Posts: 29
Detech Australia
22 October 2015 09:23 pm

Hi Guys

Just a quick note to let you know after successfully testing our new 14" Ultra Sensing Mono
and te Detech Patent 15" Ultimate Spiral DD both coils are 100 % Waterproof

these coils are now released to the market and will be soon listed on our site

Both of these coils are Spiral Wound, super sensitive Mono and the 15" Ultimate DD
The 15" Ultimate punches extremely deep with the stability of DD

Over the same 13 oz target depth was increased by 100 -150 mm over the 18 Round DD.

this coil will run in DD and Fine Gold and see .05 @ around 30-40 mm so extremely sensitive for a DD of this size but still has outstanding depth.

Regards Pete

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