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From: Canberra, ACT
Joined: 28 February 2013
Posts: 629
28 February 2013 06:40 pm

Can anyone shed some light on whether fossicking/prospecting is illegal in the ACT. I've heard conflicting things and can't seem to find any info on the TAMS web pages.



Wal banker and a bunch of pans and sieves smile


From: Canberra , ACT
Joined: 20 January 2013
Posts: 3,381
28 February 2013 11:58 pm

Hi Col...I'm not sure about the legalities as there is not much to fossick for. There are no gemstones or gold worth talking about. I've lived here for 50 years and the only place you can pan a few specks is the Yass river at Macs Reef road....and Brooks Creek on the Federal Highway. There is an old tunnel on the  'Bidgee below Lower Molonglo called the Belconnel Mine and there is some copper associated minerals in the tailings. These few areas you can fossick all you like and I'm sure you won't have anybody telling you otherwise. You can travel an hour in any direction out of Canberra and find good fossicking areas. Wee Jasper..Grabben Gullen ...Bredbo... Oallen Ford...Majors Creek /Araluen ...just to name a few.....Cheers Wal. smile

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Joined: 29 July 2014
Posts: 1
29 July 2014 04:17 pm

Hi -

WalnLiz you mention a great list of fossicking sites within 1 hour of Canberra. I am looking for a place to take my cub pack fossicking one weekend when the weather gets warmer.

Can you make any specific suggestions? Given that these are kids aged between 8 and 11 I think that the preference would be for gold - something they can all identify easily. Even if we don't find anything they will have had fun and, I'm sure of it, fallen in the water smile



From: , ACT
Joined: 27 April 2013
Posts: 126
29 July 2014 05:38 pm

Hi MrsB - there used to be a place called Bywong Gold Mining Town - a unique educational experience set on an authentic site, a town which existed from 1895 to 1906, in natural eucalyptus bushland. I am trying to find out if it is still open. regards Jed

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