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Joined: 11 November 2021
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11 November 2021 02:34 am

Hi, i am wondering if some can help me. I get stranded due covid in the Dominican republic. and once i was invited to walk in the jungle. then i was surprised by the rocks and formations. afterwards i was reading a bit of this island, and found out it is the biggest gold country in America. like this, and due missing occupation, i starting to search for it. but i can not find it. but my gold detector give me a lot of positive signals. some rocks are attached. i will be very happy if some what to talk about this with me. thank you very much1636558415_20211110_095908.jpg

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14 November 2021 02:39 am

Hi marc71.Generally speaking:

Research any history of the area and land
What kind of rocks in the Dominican Republic have gold in or near them usually? Look for similar
Gold is usually found where gold has been found before
Look around fault lines, rock breakaways, mountains, rivers, ancient and current stream beds
Good luck