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Joined: 31 December 2020
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31 December 2020 06:45 pm

Hi everyone, first time poster. Recent fishing expeditions between palm cove and Port Douglas have resulted in observing unique rock formations with crystals (mainly quartz). Has anyone explored this coastal region and dug/fossicked for crystals? By the size of some of the crystals on the rocks there must be buried crystals. Also any advice on identifying more likely spots to start digging (ie soil type, proximity to structures etc). TIA from a newbie


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31 December 2020 07:29 pm

Welcome to PA.
I would have geological maps of the area out in the shed I reckon?
Understanding them for what you are after I would have no idea about!


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31 December 2020 09:28 pm

People have posted about the quartz crystals on this stretch previously eg "the hill behind rex lookout", so you may be in a good area.
And Bushmanrod "All through the hills on the coast line from Barron river North to Quaid rd area out crops of quartz crystals every third creek or valley almost. Black mtn rd good for access. Some of the creek ones are water worn n some that you dig in silica/ clay areas are prime.. Others can be located in pockets even in hard rock.. A lot of black mineralisation in quartzy areas can result in nice stones. Seen them like Coke cans.. I got a lot at mt Gibson over the back at Patricia diggings, some nice phantoms too. Also citrine topaz .."

And of course farther inland at Atherton is a well known locality

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23 March 2021 05:18 pm

the entire area of 99% of it is National park FYI

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