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Joined: 02 December 2020
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02 December 2020 07:41 pm

So it's probably because I'm new to detecting...but when I get a hit I can't find what's there.. frustrating man...

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From: Waikiki, WA
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02 December 2020 08:04 pm

Yes can be frustrating, my advice would be to beg, borrow, steal a few of the millions of shotgun pellets laying around our country side and bury it, then using your coil practice pinpointing it.
Swing over the area until you get a signal, now step back and come in low and slow until you once again get a signal. Draw a line in the sand where you got the signal.
NOW, step around 90° and approach low and slow, when you get the signal again draw a line in the sand.
Where the two lines cross your target will be below.
Naturally once you get used to this method there will be no further need to scratch the lines in the sand.

Happy Hunting, Nightjar.

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02 December 2020 08:41 pm

What machine ?
Do you use a scoop ?
Use the method nightjar mentioned then scrape material back checking every 1inch of material until the signal moves from dig site and into scraped back pile , then reuse nightjars method to find where in pile signal is , scoop that part up until you have signal in scoop.
Slowly shake material into your hand, checking all the time for signal in scoop do this until signal moves from scoop to hand and hey Presto you should find it.

Other disappearing signals are caused by
Steel cap boots
Pick to close to coil
Mobile phone in pocket
Steel pins in your bones
Hot rocks

Remember gold is tiny and detectors are super sensitive , everyone starts out looking for golf ball sized nuggets when reality is the most common nuggets will be match head sized.

Wish in one hand and poo in the other , See which one fills up first !

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02 December 2020 08:52 pm

Once had a dome of red clay like that.


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02 December 2020 10:46 pm

As aussiefarmer hinted, need a bit more info.

Where are you detecting? Goldfields, old house site, the beach...?
What are you using for recovery? Pick, shovel, sand scoop...?

There can be lots of reasons for losing a signal. I reckon Nightjar's advice is good - bury some targets and get a feel for your new machine and how to go extracting the targets. The 90-degree check he mentions is a good way to pinpoint a target.


RM Outback
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02 December 2020 11:25 pm

Lowie1981 wrote:

So it's probably because I'm new to detecting...but when I get a hit I can't find what's there.. frustrating man...

G'day Lowie welcome to PA yep it sure can be frustrating, answering your question is similar by virtue of limited detail. As others have said more information regarding your machine general location will help you get it sorted sooner than later thumbsup beer

Edit: just read your introductory thread, can't help you info about the Vanquish 440 best of luck looking forward to your updates beer

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Joined: 02 December 2020
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03 December 2020 11:24 am

Hey fellas I'm using a Minelab Vanquish was only looking around the yard at my place..I did line up some coins, nails,a can,few other things before I went out the backyard to try get a feel for it..found a 5cent coin within 30 seconds so I was pretty stoked with that .I'm only using a garden scope to dig ATM lol...going to try the this Arvo if I get time

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Joined: 19 December 2013
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03 December 2020 11:26 am

Buy a pin pointer.... they are a great help

What a great day ! ,... " I'll see you in the field ".


Joined: 02 December 2020
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03 December 2020 03:38 pm

Yes I'm going to get one..I was sussing around my yard an found a 1952 penny not in the best condition but a score