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Joined: 27 November 2012
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22 January 2013 08:18 pm

As we have many newcomers getting involved in the wonderful and often rewarding hobby known as metal detecting, I have put together a "general" set of detecting guidelines.

Please note that these guidelines do not replace the Australian law or state specific regulations but have been put together to give newcomers a general overview of how to conduct oneself when out detecting.

I am going to start the list but if you feel something is incorrect, missing or needed please post it below and if valid I will update the list. As the list grows I will try and group things to make it easier to follow.

Australian Metal Detecting Guidelines

1. Do not detect on private property "unless" you have prior permission from the land owner.
2. National Parks are completely off limits ("a big unless" they're covered under your fossicking permit). Fines apply and they can be quite heavy.
3. Most State Forests require a permit to fossick / detect, they can also be covered under a state specific permit such as VIC Miners Right.
4. Heritage listed properties and buildings can be protected under a number of different Heritage Acts, relics should not be disturbed or removed from these sites unless you are authorised to do so.
5. ALWAYS fill in your holes properly. Failure to do this could ruin it for everyone.
6. Always take rubbish away with you, this includes junk that you have dug up.
7. Many states have limitations on the amount of minerals you are allowed to extract over a given amount of time. Refer to the link posted below.

See … php?id=125 for more info on state specific permits and regulations.

More info coming soon big_smile

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Joined: 19 December 2013
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21 January 2014 09:09 am

With all the new ALDI detectors swinging everywhere now, it may be a very appropriate time to look at what you've put up here nugget. And it's a nice simple read  too, a good initiation to first timers that could be thinking it's all just anything goes ! Lets see what the first timers think about it all as well.

What a great day ! ,... " I'll see you in the field ".


Joined: 27 November 2012
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21 January 2014 03:35 pm

Thanks silver, I had forgotten all about that post lol


From: Maitland, NSW
Joined: 19 February 2013
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21 January 2014 03:58 pm

Great article Nugget. Easy to understand.
How about info on public places such as beaches and parks?
It's where most people start after they've dug up the back yard  big_smile

Touch the Frog.
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From: Brisbane
Joined: 16 November 2014
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20 November 2014 07:16 pm

Awsome Nugget, good to know for us newcomers

Love The Hobby...Ozzy Metal Detecting FB


Joined: 06 September 2015
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03 October 2015 05:09 pm


In relation to heritage property's.

Is seeking permission from the current land/business owner sufficient?

Also what about a larger grass area in front ie foot path area? of an old heritage listed building?


Pig Iron
From: Ballarat, VIC
Joined: 25 June 2016
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29 July 2016 02:46 pm

Most useful for a newbie guys - thanks

One question I was hoping to have clarified is in relation to historical heritage listed areas. That is, areas where there is a significant historical representation of the past, such as old workings, puddlers, camps etc. Areas that have been discussed in this forum for example is the Waanyarra area near Dunolly.

Some the land has been Heritage listed and although I am not planning on going there I need to know my responsibilities when detecting in similar locations. Are you allowed to swing the detector in Heritage areas so long as you don't remove artefacts or ruin historical representations of the past. That is, can I detect and dig for a target so long as I backfill and leave the area as I found it.


Pig Iron

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