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From: Roxby Downs, SA
Joined: 04 June 2016
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09 January 2019 05:23 pm

Just trying to stop any spreading or getting worse, can I coat them in something to prevent this. Think it's called verdigris.
Also have 1 silver that appears to have some too

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Dave law
From: East Maitland
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09 January 2019 06:18 pm

Cleggy has this , don’t know how good as I haven’t tried it. 1547018276_34d0ee3f-6d7f-43f0-be17-5f79dfb3b846.jpg Cheers.

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From: Bathurst, NSW
Joined: 08 April 2015
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09 January 2019 07:50 pm

I use Renaissance Wax


Cleggy's stuff is probably exactly the same and much cheaper! Will know what to grab once this tin is done.

Verdigris is a pain in the arse, Bronze disease even worse.

ALKALINE ROCHELLE SALT SOLUTION (careful this shite will burn you)
- 5g Sodium Hydroxide (lye/caustic soda)
- 15g Potassium Sodium Tartrate (rochelle salt, can get it on ebay in small amounts)
- 100ml distilled water

Soak for 10-30 mins, should get rid of the verdigris, then neutralise in distilled water soak.

Coat with the micro wax then store!

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Smoky bandit
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09 January 2019 08:12 pm

Dermaid cream thumbsup

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