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From: Ocean Grove
Joined: 03 September 2018
Posts: 85
03 September 2018 09:52 pm

After a few years of getting so much out of this forum, I decided I had better put back in and become a sponsor.

My aim with steelPHASE is (and always has been) to produce high quality products that help everyone, newbies and experienced prospectors alike, find more gold.

Currently we have the sP01 Enhancer, Pro Series headphones, Dual Speaker systems as well as offering repair services for detectors and any electronic accessories associated with prospecting. I have a few other ideas in the works and once they have proven themselves, I shall add them to the range.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.


Manufacturers of the sP01 Enhancer as well as other high quality prospecting accessories

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