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Joined: 23 July 2018
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23 July 2018 03:24 pm

hi everybody , im new here..
ive spent many hours trying to understand the mining authority pages and feel i need to be a lawyer to understand the legal jargen.
can someone please tell me in laymens terms how to view all the mining leases online in western australia , and how to aquire a lease online

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From: down a hole
Joined: 20 December 2012
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30 July 2018 02:44 am

im not in wa so not sure with the laws etc. but found this hope it helps ?

laws and leases … -5145.aspx

getting a lease … -4579.aspx

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Joined: 26 June 2016
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30 July 2018 06:49 am

u cant see any of the current leases? do u have to get in contact over the phone


From: Central West NSW
Joined: 27 January 2015
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30 July 2018 10:08 am

Get on Tengraph

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Joined: 31 December 2018
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31 December 2018 08:43 pm

Go to the DMIRS homepage and register.
This gives you access to Tengraph Online or Tengraph Web and all the information is there.
Do an enquiry by lease number, placename, holder, etc.
Once the lease wanted is displayed, click on info icon and this gives all details of that lease.
To apply for a SPL of 10ha you have to physically peg the ground, attach Notice of Marking Out (form 20) and then submit application on form 21 (Application for Mining Tenement)
All of this is in the Mines dept information series publications "Marking out and Applying for Tenements" and "Special Prospecting License for Gold"
SPLs can only be applied for on vacant crown land and Prospecting or Exploration leases.
On Mining leases you have to have the primary tenement holders approval. Cheers

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