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Ded Driver
From: West of the Border, WA
Joined: 27 May 2018
Posts: 1,798
02 September 2018 12:15 pm

Tathradj wrote:

I am very highly respectful of peoples privacy. smile
And guard it with a passion.

haha got my vote when you run for PM beer beer playful

APLA member, GPX4000, modded SD2100, XTerra705, GM1000, Whites MXT Pro, Nokta Pointer, sP01 Enhancer, Garmin GPSMAP 64S, kti PLB, a map, all sorts of coils & a cupla buckets full of hope & enthusiasm

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golddigger dave
Joined: 05 November 2017
Posts: 6
02 September 2018 12:18 pm

I got myself a QED.
For me as a newbie detectorist the MOST important factor in my decision was that if it wasn't a QED, then I couldn't afford it.
I had read the tests, opinions, evaluations etc. and I concluded that It will perform.

I have a a machine that under most circumstances it will be as good as the ones that I can't afford and won't ever buy.
If it falls short, then I am satisfied that I'm out there swinging one. I'm learning and progressing.
Yes there might be better machines out there, but they can't match the bang for my bucks that the QED is.

This subject with the above comments reinforces my decision to go with the QED

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Joined: 30 May 2018
Posts: 951
02 September 2018 07:12 pm

That was a very fair and informative write up.If only all discussions on rival detector brands could remain so objective and civil!

Prospecting must be like fishing, the big one keeps getting away!

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Joined: 19 June 2016
Posts: 384
02 September 2018 07:58 pm

Why compare different detectors get the one you want learn how to use it and be happy who cares what other detectors do cheers Muk.


From: Tathra, NSW
Joined: 17 February 2014
Posts: 8,572
02 September 2018 08:53 pm

Top shot Muk.
Very true. No matter what machine you get, Put the bloody time into research first.
Then learn what your machine is telling you.
Every machine has it's strenght's and weakness's.
We all want to make it as easy as possible to find what we want but,
It ain't easy.
We also all want our pride and joy to make it so easy to just go find nuggets and many of them.
Not going to happen unless you put the hard yards into the first two points above.
Then you might be lucky enough to pull it off.
Most importantly after all that, there are a lot of good folk's out there that all they want is to just
go and enjoy themselves and maybe, just maybe, Find some thing to Bragg about.
And that is where the real gold is. 100 100

A couple of HiBankers inc. accessories, , QED, 4500, SDC2300, Gt1600,
Aldi, A Prado 4x4, A'Van Cruiseliner and a heck of a lot of determination.
Most importantly, A lot of Good Honest Friends. Maybe one day Lucky.

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