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Joined: 24 January 2014
Posts: 90
16 February 2017 12:00 pm

Looking to get 1st bike to get a bit further off the track. T Rex above budget, and CT110 s are looking v expensive. Seems NBC110 s have a recall for their fuel pump. But would one suffice considering they are evidently going cheaper.

Incidentally, looking to put a hayman reece type towbar on the back of the van (something from the wreckers) to swap a bike rack (motow?) over to. Feasible?


Joined: 20 July 2016
Posts: 2,171
16 February 2017 02:39 pm

Not sure where you are mate, however in Vic you need a licence to ride a motorbike even in the bush, just thought I'd point that out, since you said it's your first bike.
Why a postie bike? If you are going offroad a trailbike would do a much better job. Road tyres and the suspension of a postie bike won't be up to much punishment.

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Gone Walkabout
Joined: 01 April 2016
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Gone Walkabout
16 February 2017 02:49 pm

Same in qld gpa's, the bike must be registered, Not sure what dollars you wish to spend but Suzuki also do a small ag bike but cannot be registered .
Postie bike would be under 100kg ................... you don't mention what Van you have but as long as the rear suspension can cope should be no issue if done right.
Ideally given the gear you need carry a quad is the go (again rego is a prob) but price and how to load is a whole different ball game if you have no wish to tow anything ?
Good luck ........................ you can ride well ? A spill even an over balance could and can be costly to a detector yikes

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Joined: 24 January 2014
Posts: 90
16 February 2017 10:04 pm

Geez just typed it and hit "post reply". Dumb ass. Now the alzheimer test

Thanks O_p & B

From Qld. But plan on using it in turf like experienced in WA or similar. No trial bike workouts. Just slow distance commutes. Have a learners but almost no motor bike experience, just plenty of push biking through Sydney traffic. So very slow on a clutch-less postie CT110 or NBC110 (???).

"Why a postie bike? ": relatively cheap, clutch-less, light (for the bike rack), known to be durable, popular, and dodge a few more stakes.

The van is a caravan. By "swap a bike rack" I meant being able to swap it from the caravan to the 4wd as needed. The vans not a toy hauler, so no quad for me.

So a Super Cub must be a viable alternative - until proven wrong

Not sure but think I failed the test.


Joined: 07 August 2019
Posts: 16
09 August 2019 11:20 pm

I'd get a Yamaha AG 125. Much better option for off-road then a postie


From: SW of Ipswich, QLD
Joined: 28 August 2013
Posts: 147
10 August 2019 08:57 am

I see you say you have experience on pushbikes, have you considered an e-bike of some sort or modifying a mountain bike by fitting a motor to it? My step grandson has an ebay type fitted to his bike, not sure of the legalities though.


Ded Driver
From: West of the Border, WA
Joined: 27 May 2018
Posts: 2,455
10 August 2019 11:54 pm

guys, I figure you didn't notice, the thread is an old 1, dated 16 Feb 2017 ... just sayin tongue

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Joined: 09 July 2015
Posts: 543
11 August 2019 11:48 am

A bike is ok riding up tracks but if you want to go cross Country, breaking your neck or smashing your detector is a big chance..Easy to get flicked off in rough Country..Not worth the risk..

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