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From: Mount Gambier
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26 December 2016 09:57 pm

I've neen following the development of this Polish made VLF detector for a little while now with some interest, considering you can dial up any frequency between 4.4kHz and 18.4kHz in 0.2kHz increments - all without changing the coil.

It is still in the testing stage, though pretty close to release, and packs a pretty hefty feature list looking through the PDF instructions (see link for instructions).

The backlit screen includes not only your usual target ID, but a hodograph style display indicating mixed and solid metals (difference between possible junk and a solid coin targets), reactivity control (as seen on the Deus), SAT control, pinpointing that can show both a deep/shallow target at the same time on the screen, etc etc. It also takes both DD and concentric coils.

The frequency control may well make detectors currently under deveopment obsolete (thinking Nokta Impact with select frequencies), so it will be interesting to see how well recieved this detector will be coming from a small and relatively unknown company. Interestingly, the tones on this detector are somewhat reminiscent of the tones from some of the Minelab FBS detectors (at least to my ears they are).



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