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Joined: 22 October 2016
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22 October 2016 10:16 pm

Hi . How are you all going ? I have a Tesoro tiger shark that I bought second hand . It's previous owner had made some ridiculous modifications so he could use it as a land detector exclusively . The actual headphone jack was removed and he had connected a set of inappropriate headphones with exposed wires into the wires inside the hole where the headphone jack plug would normally have been . The battery holder was also missing. I bought a new battery holder of eBay that is compatible with the Tesoro tiger shark . I'm seeking someone who can repair my detector to working order by putting the headphone jack wired back into place so the headphone can be plugged in. I will buy a new set of underwater headphones second hand of eBay . So I'm looking for someone with basic tech know how to hard wire a new headphone jack . That's about it smile ! I will pay of course for the service and parts . Email ; mod edit: email address removed as per forum rules.

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Joined: 14 April 2016
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22 October 2016 11:04 pm

You should not put your email in a post. You do not say where you are, so makes it difficult for anyone to advise you. Sounds like the previous owner really messed it up, you could check any prospecting shops near you, or failing that, might be best to send it back to where the previous owner got it, if you know who that was. I have two Tesoro water machines, and they have proved very reliable.



Phase Technical
From: Adelaide, SA
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Phase Technical
23 October 2016 08:08 pm

I can do basic repairs here in Adelaide.
Ross at Miners Den in Bendigo is pretty good with most machines
Also, Pat O'Connell from Central Appliance Service in Geelong does detector repairs (03) 5222 1418

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