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From: Yeppoon
Joined: 29 July 2015
Posts: 349
03 May 2016 05:23 pm

G'day PA Members, is proud to announce it's sponsorship of the Prospecting Australia Forum.

My name is Justin Cleghorn (Clegy) and I am the guy behind the scenes of the website above and the re-introduction of the XP Deus Metal Detector to Australia. I have managed to secure full factory backing and my details can be found on the official XP metal detectors website.

Primarily I am a Coin and Relic Detectorist, but after a recent road trip (10,000K's and 3 states) I have done a little in the gold fields of NSW and VIC and will be doing a lot more on my home turf in Central Queensland. But there's something about a Nice silver coin that really does it for me.

I carry the range of XP Deus Metal Detectors and try and keep the whole range in stock. I have a STRICT Rule that if it is NOT in stock then it is NOT for sale! The only time this varies is for pre-order offers that appear from time to time.

There are also 2 XP Deus Dealers in Australia that have my backing and the backing of the XP Factory in France.

  • Lost Treasures in Brisbane QLD

  • Goanna Gold Detectors in Greta N.S.W

I Hope this helps clear up some confusion about the distribution chain of XP Detectors in Australia. It has been a rocky road in the past and I am committed to supporting the brand and the Users of XP products as best I can.

If you have any problems (No matter where you bought your Deus) then please get in touch and I'll do my best to help you out.

The Deus is proving to be a genuine competitor for the CTX 3030 and coming in as low as 815 grams in weight, (CTX is 2.36KG) many people are turning to the Deus simply because you can swing it for long periods of time and still punch with the heavy weights as far as detecting power goes. It has surprised more than a few people and I think it will only be a matter of time before Australians discover the convenience and power of True wireless detecting.

Those that are using Deus Love them,the finds being posted on the forums like this and social media speak for themselves.

Available also is an expanding range of MarsMD Products from the Ukraine. The MarsMD brand are not as well known as others but they make a quality product and the universal shaft especially is creating quite a stir.

The MarsMD Coils have tested well and I will expand the range as people get in touch and let me know what they are after.

Lastly I am always looking for new products and equipment to add to the store and the land or Sea pin Pointer is a good example. It is a capable pin pointer designed in the US and is proving to be a great value product for many detectorists. Especially those not willing to drop $200+ on the major brands. It is a great asset at just $149.

If you produce a good product and need a hand to get it into the market, please get in touch and if it fits the store I can try and help. Always looking for Australian Made items especially.

My contact details are available at the website, I will check in here at least Once per day to answer any questions and check my PM messages. For fastest service go to the contact us page at the website.

Thanks all,


P.S For XP Deus Questions pop over to the XP Topic I have created a Q&A thread there to keep it all in one spot.

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