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Repairs + X-pointers
From: 4030, QLD
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Repairs + X-pointers
28 March 2015 12:17 am

Always google bsb numbers before you pay anything - Gum TREE

Hi All

As from another FB forum...

Always google bsb numbers before you pay anything and in particular on Gum Tree etc...

If the name turns out to be Something like this BSB Name - Woolworths EDM Prepaid

Then be aware that the Card / Account is going to be untraceable and once your $ is in and they have extracted...

The card is going to end up being dumped and or passed around to others

The item you thought you paid, may never arrive and no way of tracing the person with your $$$ cry

Take care and stay safe...

Don't Night Hawk on private property... It could work out very expensive.

Best find - The Wife # Equipment - X-Pointer x 4, Nokta Fors Gold Plus, Excalibur II, CTX3030 and a Minore III with custom wood - and lots of other stuff

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