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Forum Rules

To maintain a high level of user satisfaction, any posts or topics not conforming to the overall culture of the forum may be deleted at the discretion of the Moderators. Members are asked to report unscrupulous or malicious behaviour immediately using either the report button or by contacting a Moderator.


  • Posts are to be on topic and written with the intent to make a positive contribution to the discussion, negative contributions may be removed without notice, multiple negative contributions may lead to bans ranging from 3 days to a permanent ban".
  • Posts which are of an offensive nature, defamatory, include illegal or abusive content, sexually explicit content, content that incites violence, content that infringes someone else’s copyright or intellectual property rights will be removed without notice.
  • Bullying, harassing and defaming admin, moderators and other members will not be tolerated at all on Prospecting Australia, this extends to and includes other forums and other social media platforms. Permanent bans may apply on Prospecting Australia for doing so.
  • Due to varying beliefs and opinions, discussions directly relating to politics or religion are not permitted.
  • Posts which appear to have been made with the sole intention of advertising or self promotion will be removed without notice.
  • Bumping posts in an attempt to boost your post count is not permitted.
  • The Private Messaging system is to be used strictly for personal communication and should not be considered a reliable or secure means of interaction.
  • Personal contact details are not to be posted on the forum, instead they should be added to your profile or sent via private message.
  • Multiple user accounts by an individual are not permitted.
  • Usernames cannot be changed after registration.

Clubs & Organisations

Prospecting Australia welcomes prospecting related clubs and organisations. We ask all representatives to post information relating to their cause under Clubs & Organisations only. This includes but not limited to club announcements, links to facebook pages and club websites. Any posts relating to clubs and organisations made outside of this section will be removed.

Club and organization representatives may not use the forum messaging system for any means other than personal communication. Sending forum members requests to join clubs or organizations outside of Prospecting Australia is not permitted and considered as spamming. Furthermore, any negative actions or derogatory posts against any Prospecting Organization will be removed and will not be tolerated by Prospecting Australia. Please contact any of the association's via their Web Pages if you have any questions pertaining to their particular activity or Membership Enquiries.

Dealers & Service Providers

Prospecting Australia welcomes industry dealers and service providers. In the interest of maintaining a high level of integrity throughout the forum, all members must disclose any affiliation or involvement in the prospecting industry. We currently provide a number of advertising opportunities for dealers and service providers. Information about Site Sponsorship can be found HERE.

Privacy & Legal Information

By registering on Prospecting Australia you acknowledge that we may collect non-personally identifiable information by the means of cookie files. This information is used to improve the overall experience for our users. Information on how a website may use cookie files can be found here

Prospecting Australia collects limited personal information including your email address, password and IP address during the registration process. We do not sell, share or disseminate member’s personal information with anyone, unless compelled to by legal means, or under legal advice.

By registering on Prospecting Australia you acknowledge that we may send you emails from time to time regarding but not limited to important announcements and upcoming events.

Private messages are not monitored however they are subjected to moderation in such cases where a member is suspected of carrying out unscrupulous behaviour. Under no circumstances will information contained within private messages be shared outside of Forum Management unless compelled to by legal means, under legal advice or in an effort to counterclaim a wrongful accusation.

By posting on the forum, you grant Prospecting Australia consent to republish this content across the Prospecting Australia network, including but not limited to our home page, newsletter, blog and social media pages. You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your content. You also acknowledge that externally hosted images may be copied to, and displayed locally from our server.

Comments made by forum members and management (unless indicated) are not endorsed by Prospecting Australia and are that of the individual. Prospecting Australia is not responsible for any content posted to the forum by its users, therefore cannot be held liable in claims of defamation, for any loss from following an advice on the forum or otherwise.

Any rule breaking can lead to warnings, suspensions, and permanent bans. The moderators of this forum reserve the right to ban any user at any time for any reason.

If you feel that either yourself, your company or organisation has been subjected to defamatory or libelous statements on the forum, or feel that your copyright has been infringed in someway, please contact the forum Administrator immediately and it will be dealt with swiftly and amicably. We reserve the right to seek legal advice before removing any content from the forum.

Information including user details, forum posts and private messages are stored within a database. The forum Administrator actively employs several measures to ensuring the protection and security of this information, however in an unforseen sophisticated attack against the site, we cannot guarantee the security of this information. In such an event, the relevant authorities will be contacted and our members will be alerted.

By registering and using this forum, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined above. You also agree that it is the users responsibility to read through the above terms regularly and accept all amendments and alterations.

Last amendment: 08/04/2021